James Steuart Bibliography

Apologie du sentiment de Monsieur le Chevalier Newton sur l?ancienne chronologie des GrŠcs 1757
Dissertation upon the doctrine and principles of money applied to the German coin 1761
Observations on the advantages arising to the public from good roads 1766
An inquiry into the principles of political economy: being an essay on the science of domestic policy in free nations in which are particularly considered population, agriculture, trade, industry, money, coin, interest, circulation, banks, exchange, public credit, and taxes 1767
Published in 2 volumes and regarded as the first published treatise on economics. Steuart spent nearly half of his life in Continental Europe, after completing a "grand tour" 1735-1740, he live in exile from 1745 to 1763 after have backed the Jacobite rebellion in 1745. Marx viewed Steuart's economics in a favourable light.
Consideration on the interest of the County of Lanark 1769
Observations on Dr Beattie?s Essay on the nature and immutability of truth 1771
Principles of Money applied to the Present State of Coin of Bengal 1772
Observations on the new bill for alterating and amending the laws which regulate the qualifications of freeholders 1775
Dissertation concerning motives of obedience to the laws of god 1779
Critical remarks on Mirabeau 1779
Dissertation on the policy of grain 1783
Plan for introducing an uniformity of weights and measures within the limits of the British Empire 1790