James Wright Bibliography

Historia Histrionica 1699
“Much has been writ of late, pro and con, about the stage, yet the subject admits of more, and that which has not been hetherto toucht upon; not only what that is, but what it was, about which some people have made such a busle. What it is we see, and I think it has been sufficiently display’d in Mr. Collier’s book; what it was in former ages, and how used in this kingdom, so far back as one may collect any memorialls, is the subject of the following dialogue. Old plays will always be read by the curious, if it were only to discover the manners and behaviour of several ages, and how they alter’d. For plays are exactly like portraits drawn in the garb and fashion of the time when painted. You see one habit in the time of King Charles I, another quite different from that, both for men and women, in Queen Elizabeth’s time; another under Henry the Eight different from both; and so backward all various.”