John Ogilvie Bibliography

Philosophical and critical observations on the nature, characters and various species of composition 1774
A work on rhetoric. Ogilvie published poetry and a number of miscellaneous works. According to his biographer, "Ogilvie, with powers far above the common order, did not know how to use them with effect. He was an able man lost. His intellectual wealth and industry were wasted in huge and unhappy speculations. Of all his books, there is not one which, as a whole, can be expected to please the general reader. Noble sentiments, brilliant conceptions, and poetic graces, may be culled in profusion from the mass; but there is no one production in which they so predominate, (if we except some of his minor pieces,) as to induce it to be selected for a happier fate than the rest. Had the same talent which Ogilvie threw away on a number of objects, been concentrated on one, and that one chosen with judgment and taste, he might have rivalled in popularity the most renowned of his contemporaries." (Lives of Eminent Scotsmen)
An Inquiry into the Causes of Infidelity and Scepticism in all Times; with Observations on the Writings of Herbert, Shaftesbury, Bolingbroke, Hume, Gibbon, Toulmin, &c. &c. 1783
The Theology of Plato compared with the Principles of the Oriental and Grecian Philosophy 1793
An Examination of the Evidence from Prophecy, in behalf of the Christian Religion 1802