Arthur Murphy Bibliography

The Orphan of China 1755
A tragedy which Murphy modelled on Voltaire's L'Orphelin de la Chine.
The Apprentice 1756
Drury Lane farce for which Murphy earnt œ800.
An Englishman from Paris 1756
The Upholsterer, or What News? 1757
A farce about tradesmen getting mixed up in the world of politics.
The Way to Keep Him 1760
Murphy also produced adaptations of MoliŠre and Voltaire and wrote lives of Fielding (1792), Dr Johnson (1792), and Garrick (1801).
Zenobia 1761
The Citizen 1761
Three Weeks after Marriage 1764
Know Your Own Mind 1777
Works of Sallust 1793
Arminius 1798
A pro-war play which secured him a royal pension in 1798