Isabelle de Charrière Bibliography

Le Noble 1762
Satire influenced by Voltaire.
Le modŠle des pasteurs (The Pastor's Model) 1779
Novel in which a young Priest is sent to a village which the villagers have been reduced to a state of poverty. CharriŠre, a Jesuit, was the author of the now lost crits satiriques sur l'Encyclop‚die (Satiric Writings on the Encyclop‚die).
Lettres de Mistriss Henley 1784
Lettres ‚crites de Lausanne 1785
Caliste 1787
Plainte et d‚fense de Th‚rŠse Levasseur 1789
loge de Jean-Jacques Rousseau 1789
Pens‚es detach‚es sur les progrŠs de la raison: Sur l'accroissement ou le d‚p‚rissement des LumiŠres (Thoughts on the Progress of Reason: On the Growth or Decline of the Enlightenment) 1792
Unpublished essay dating from October 1792. ?Is our century a century of light? . . . The progress of reason must be measured according to the increase or decrease in the knowledge of God; and this knowledge is brought to perfection through revelation . . . When reason renounces Jesus Christ and revelation it plunges into the most terrible darkness. So far a nation had never been seen to fall so generally into such extreme blindness . . . the pride of nonbelievers is a mark of how extremely they are blinded.? CharriŠre also wrote Commentaire de l'Apocalypse (Commentary on the Apocalypse).
Trois femmes 1796
Sir Walter Finch 1799