Olympe de Gouges Bibliography

L'Esclavage des Noirs (The Enslavement of Blacks) 1789
Abolitionist play performed by the Com‚die-Fran‡aise in 1789.
Mirabeau aux Champs-lys‚es 1791
The most popular of Gouges' thirty plays
D‚claration des droits de la femme (Declaration of the Rights of Woman) 1791
A critique of the D‚claration des droits de l'homme. Gouges was influenced by Jean-Antoine-Nicolas Condorcet's Sur l'admission des femmes aux droits de cit‚ (On the Admission of Women to the Rights of Citizenship, 1790), and her D‚claration has been taken as a response to the Jacobin government's denial of equal rights to women. She was a friend of both Louis-S‚bastien Mercier and Condorcet. Imprisoned for her criticisims of Robespierre and Marat and convicted of treason she was guillotined in November 1793.