Nicholas Rowe Bibliography

The Ambitious Step-Mother 1700
Tamerlane 1701
Rowe's play remained popular throughout the eighteenth century. It was staged annually on 5 November, the date of William III?s landing in England and the beginning of the end for James II. Tamerlane stood in for William III, while the Ottoman Sultan Bajazet was identified as Louis XIV.
The Fair Penitent 1703
Ulysses 1705
The Royal Convert 1707
The Works of Mr William Shakespear, Revis'd and Corrected 1709
In the introduction, "Some Account of the Life & c. of Mr. William Shakespear", the first biography of Shakespeare, Rowe comments, "Shakespeare is indeed stored with a great many beauties, but they are in a heap of rubbish". Rowe was the first editor of Shakespeare and his six-volume edition, published by Jacob Tonson, was based largely on the 1685 Fourth Folio.
The Tragedy of Jane Shore 1714
The Tragedy of the Lady Jane Grey 1715