Petrus van Musschenbroek Bibliography

Oratio de certa methodo philosophiae experimentalis (Discourse on the Most Certain Method for the Natural Sciences) 1723
Series of lectures in which Musschenbroek defended Newton. On a study tour to London in 1717 Musschenbroek met Newton and attended the lectures in experimental physics given by John Theophilus Desaguliers.
Epitome elementorum physico-mathematicorum, conscripta in usus academicos 1726
Text book for the teaching of natural science. Six further versions were published, the last of which, the Introductio ad philosophiam naturalem (1762) appeared posthumously in two volumes and remained a standard work for a long time. Some of these versions were translated into English, French, German, and Swedish, and van Musschenbroek also prepared a Dutch edition (1736) especially intended for the layperson who could not read Latin. An English edition was published in 1744 as The Elements of Natural Philosophy, Chiefly Intended for the Use of Students in Universities.
Oratio de methodo instituendi experimenta physica (Discourse on the Method for Performing Physical Experiments) 1730
Celebrated text on natural science.