Bernard Nieuwentijt Bibliography

Analysis infinitorum 1695
Nieuwentijt was one of the first Continental adherents of Newton's law of gravity. Analysis infinitorum contains a fully developed system of infinitesimal calculus. After 1695 Nieuwentijt engaged in debate with Leibniz and Johann Bernoulli in the foundation of the calculus.
Het regt gebruik der wereltbeschouwingen, ter overtuiginge van ongodisten en ongelovigen (The Right Use of Contemplating the World, Designed to Convince Atheists and Unbelievers) 1715
Influential work in which Nieuwentijt sought to defend Christainty using experimental philosophy. An eighth edition appeared in 1759; it was translated into French and German, and into English as The Religious Philosopher, or, The Right Use of Contemplating the Works of the Creator (1718; 3d ed., 1730).
Gronden van zekerheid, of de regte betoogwyse der wiskundigen, so in het denkbeeldige, als in het zakelyke (The Foundations of Certitude, or The Right Method for Mathematics in the Imaginary as in the Real) 1720
A rejection of Spinoza's approach to philosophy. Nieuwentijt claimed that the natural sciences are consistent with biblical revelation and argued that the application of the methods of mathematics to the real world was an error and a mark of atheism.