George Hickes Bibliography

Linguarum veterum septentrionalium thesaurus grammatico-criticus et archaeologicus 1705
Published whilst Hickes was a Jacobite fugitive this study, in the comparative philosophy and the history of England, won Hickes a European reputation. Hickes was a nonjuring clergyman and a serious scholar in Hebrew, Anglo-Saxon and theology. He became chaplain to the king in 1681 and Dean of Worcester in 1683. He opposed both James II’s Declaration of Indulgence and Monmouth’s rising, and was unable to save the life of his nonconformist brother John, who had joined Monmouth. Hickes refused to take the oath of allegiance to William and Mary and in 1691 was deprived of his deanery. After hiding in London he was sent to James II in France to discuss episcopal succession; on his return he was consecrated suffragan bishop of Thetford (1694).
Of the Christian Priesthood and Of the Dignity of the Episcopal Order 1707
The Constitution of the Catholic Church and the Nature and Consequences of Schism 1716
Posthumous, a work which gave rise to the Bangorian controversy.