Andrew Michael Ramsay Bibliography

Essai de politique (Essay on Politics) 1719
Ramsay based his Essay on F‚nelon's principles of tolerance and pure disinterested love. In 1710 Ramsay visited France and was converted to Roman Catholicism by F‚nelon whom he worked for as a secretary. He wrote Discours de la po‚sie ‚pique et de l'excellence du poŠme de T‚l‚maque (Discourse on Poetry and on the Excellence of the Poem T‚l‚maque) as an introduction to the 1717 edition of F‚nelon's utopian political novel Aventures de T‚l‚maque fils d'Ulysse (The Adventures of Telemachus, Son of Ulysses).
L'histoire de la vie de F‚nelon (Life of F‚nelon) 1723
Les voyages de Cyrus (Voyages of Cyrus) 1727
Popular novel modeled on F‚nelon's T‚l‚maque. The expanded edition of 1730, in which Ramsay responded to his critics, was translated into English by Alexander Pope's friend Nathaniel Hooke.