Damaris Cudworth Bibliography

Occasional Thoughts in reference to a Vertuous or Christian Life 1705
Damaris Cudworth was the daughter of Ralph Cudworth, the Cambridge Platonist; in 1685 she married Sir Francis Masham, a landowner, with whom she had a son, Francis Cudworth Masham. Damaris Cudworth first met John Locke in 1682, probably at the home of their mutual friend, Edward Clarke, and they corresponded for some years during which she used the pen name “Philoclea”. Locke lived at her home, Oates in Essex, from 1691 until his death in 1704; he interested himself in the education of her son, and left half his estate to him. Locke praised her “inlightend and enlarged mind”, more learned than most male scholars. Occasional Thoughts ... and A Discourse Concerning the Love of God, (1696) were published anonymously, and both took issue with Mary Astell; both were attributed to Locke.