Jean-François Marmontel Bibliography

Denys le Tyran 1748
Marmontel went on to contribute articles to the Encyclopédie, edit Mercure de France (1758-60) and serve as royal historiographer (1771).
Aristomène 1749
Cléopâtre 1750
Les Héraclides 1752
Funérailles de Sésostris 1753
Contes moraux 1761
The Moral Tales became famous at the time. They were originally published separately in the Mercure de France which Marmontel edited between 1758 and 1760.
Bélisaire 1767
A philosophical romance of sixteen short chapters which was condemned by the Sorbonne in 1768 because of its plea for religious toleration in chapter fifteen. In the work, Belisarius (Marmontel) offers advice to Justinian (Louis XV) on how to rebuild the confidence of the French nation following the recent defeats in the Seven Years War. Voltaire sought to vindicate the work of Marmontel by writing to Catherine the Great, Frederick the Great, the king of Poland, and the crown prince of Sweden. He also oversaw Turgot's defence of Bélisaire. The novel became a best-seller and Marmontel went on to become royal historiographer and in 1783 the s‚cr‚taire-perp‚tuel of the French Academy, succeeding d'Alembert.
Les Incas 1777
Marmontel wrote Les Incas between 1767 and 1771 as a response to the Sorbonne's condemnation of B‚lisaire (1767) for espousing religious intolorence.
Éléments de littérature 1787
Mémoires d’ un père 1804