Albrecht von Haller Bibliography

Die Alpen (The Alps) 1729
Haller most important poem which took as its subject the contrast between the simple life within natural surroundings and the articifical life within cities.
Versuch scheiwerischer Gedichte (Attempt at Swiss Poetry) 1732
Icones anatomicae (Depictions of Anatomy) 1743
De partibus corporis humani sensilibus et irritabilibus (On the Sensitive and Irritable Parts of the Human Body) 1752
Two public lectures Hales gave to members of the Academy of Sciences at G”ttingen.
Elementa physiologiae corporis humanae 1757
Published in 8 volumes between 1757 and 1766.
Historia stirpium indigenarum Helvetiae inchoata (Initial Description of the Indigenous Stocks of Switzerland) 1768
Haller used his own rather than Linnaeus's classification scheme in this work dealing with about twenty-five hundred kinds of plants.
Usong 1771
One of three political novels published by Haller.
Alfred, K”nig der Angelsachsen (Alfred, King of the Anglo-Saxons) 1773
The second of three political novels published by Haller.
Fabius und Cato 1774
The third of three political novels published by Haller.
Tagebuch seiner Beobachtungen ber Schriftsteller und ber sich selbst (Diary of Observations on His Reading and on Himself) 1787
Posthumously published diary.