Pierre-Samuel du Pont Bibliography

La Physiocratie, ou Constitution naturelle du gouvernement le plus avantageux au genre humanin 1767
A collection of Quesnay’s writings, edited by du Pont who did much to popularize the work of the Physiocrats. The term ‘physiocracy’ derives from this collection. Its followers, however, preferred to be known as économistes. The term ‘physiocrats’ only became popular during the 19th century.

Du Pont took part in negotiations with England to grant independence to the United States (1783), a member of the the Estates-General (1789), his defence of Louis XVI led to his imprisonment (1792). Emigrated to the United States (1799), and prepared at Jefferson’ s request a scheme for national education in U.S., which though not adopted was used in part in the French code of education. He returned to France (1802) became secretary to the provisional government (1814), again emigrated (1815) to U.S., where he died.
Origines et progrès d’ une science nouvelle 1768
Du pouvoir législatif et du pouvoir exécutif 1795